Antique Military Rifles

Antique Military Rifles (Pre-1899)

Non-US Issued, Black Powder, Metallic Cartridge, Military Rifles - FOR SALE -

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Buyers NOTE: These Rifles are sold as collectors' items only. I strongly recommend that they be inspected and approved for shooting by a competent gunsmith. No representations are hereby made, expressed or implied, as to the safety of any rifle for shooting. Neither is any liability assumed for the safety or integrety of any of these antique rifles. They should neither be loaded nor fired unless checked by a competent gunsmith.

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Quick Rifle:

  • r0 Rifles For Sale List
  • r017 Egyptian M1868 Rem RB
  • r042 Swedish RB m1867-68 (H)
  • r092 Italian M1870-87 Vetterli-Vitali
  • r183 Italian M1870-87 Vetterli-Vitali
  • r325 Spanish M1874 Rem RB Colonial 3rd Contract
  • r340 Nepalese Gehendra
  • r345 Swiss M1878 Vetterli
  • r396 Ecuadoran Remmington RB
  • r397 Dutch Beaumont M1871-88
  • r445 Russian M1870 Berdan II Dragoon
  • r486 Russian Berdan
  • r498 Bulgarian M1888-90 Mannlicher
  • r517 French Gras M74M80
  • r518 German M1871 Mauser by Suhl, all match
  • r539 Austrian Werndl M1873-77
  • r562 Swedish M1867 Remington-built Rolling Block
  • r568 French M1874 M.80 Gras
  • r570 Austrian M1886 Mannlicher
  • r655 French Gras M1874 NOT M80
  • r661 British Mk III 1869 Snider Sargents Pattern
  • r668 French M1886-93 Lebel (w cover)
  • r680 Uruguayan Rolling Block M1884
  • r707 French Mle1874 Gras (not M.80)
  • r708 Turkish M1874 Peabody-Martini Type A
  • r710 Spanish M1871 Oviedo RB Original
  • r714 Danish Remington-made RB M1867-96
  • r717 Swiss Vetterli M69-71 Ost-Schweizerishe
  • r735 Swedish M1867 Rolling Block
  • r743 French M1857-67 Tabatiere Zulu
  • r765 French Gras Carabine de Cavalerie
  • r766 Swiss Vetterli M1869-71 W.V.Steiger
  • r773 Austrian-Chile Mannlicher M1886
  • r774 Swedish M1864-68 Rolling Block
  • r777 French Gras M1866-74M80 SCW
  • r778 Argentine Model RB M1879
  • r784 Danish RB Toihaus M1867-89
  • r787 Swiss Vetterli M1869-71 von Steiger CF
  • r791 US S.C. Militia Springfield-Rem Transformed
  • r799 Austrian Werndl M1867-77
  • r800 Italian Vetterli-Carcano M1870-87-16
  • r801 US M1873 Springfield Trapdoor 1883
  • r804 Argentine M1879 Rolling Block
  • r813 Belgian Rolling Block Shotgun 16Ga
  • r816 Nepalese Gehendra early
  • r817 British Martini-Henry Mk IV
  • r818 British Martini-Henry Mk II 1886
  • r821 Spencer M1860 Carbine
  • r822 Italian M1870-87-16 Vetterli-Carcano
  • r823 Swiss M1911 Schmidt-Rubin
  • r824 Argentine M1879 Rolling Block
  • r833 Mexican M1902 7mm Remington RB
  • r839 British Martini-Henry Mark IV Type A